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About SNPJ

The SNPJ is a fraternal life insurance provider dedicated to helping everyone plan for a better tomorrow by offering affordable life insurance and wealth management products like annuities and IRAs.

When an individual purchases an SNPJ life insurance policy or annuity, he or she becomes an SNPJ member. And that membership makes fraternal benefit societies, like SNPJ, unique among insurers. Think of it this way: In comparison to a commercial insurance company, SNPJ is more like a community insurance provider. SNPJ members are united – like any community – through a network of branch units (we call our branches “SNPJ Lodges”). Through our Lodge system, SNPJ members reach out to their communities by performing volunteer community service, providing funds for community projects, and offering educational scholarships. SNPJ and other fraternal benefit societies provide billions of dollars in service to America’s communities.

To keep our members active within our society, their SNPJ Lodges, and their local communities, SNPJ offers a diverse package of social, athletic, and cultural programs, and our Lodges engage in a variety of community service projects.