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History of SNPJ

Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota – SNPJ

The Slovene National Benefit Society enjoys a history that stretches back more than a century. Founded on April 6, 1904, SNPJ was initially incorporated as Slovenska Narodna Podporna Jednota, which translates to Slovene National Benefit Society in English. In honor of the founders we have retained our Slovenian initials, and our society is now best known by its original Slovenian acronym, “SNPJ.” 

Initially organized to offer affordable life insurance and disability coverage to early Slovenian immigrants, the SNPJ founders established a unique, centralized financial fund that allowed the Society to develop and grow rapidly. Of the thousand or so life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies operating in America, fewer than a hundred have been in business as long as we have.


Since its founding in 1904, SNPJ was based in the Chicago area through 1993 before moving its headquarters to Imperial, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Although headquartered in Western Pennsylvania, SNPJ is a national organization.

Today, SNPJ has more than $213 million in assets and $252 million of insurance in force. In addition to a complete portfolio of life insurance and financial planning products, SNPJ offers a package of fraternal benefits that is unrivaled among both commercial insurers and fraternal benefit societies.