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Miss SNPJ Titleholders

Year of TitleNameLodge
1957Marlynn TurkiLodge 138, Strabane, PA
1958Janet SnyderLodge 36, Willock, PA
1959Marie TomeLodge 8, South Chicago, IL
1960Nancy SleberLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1961Sandra OgrinLodge 14, Waukegan, IL
1962Gail NachtigalLodge 604, Cleveland, OH
1963Ruth ButkovichLodge 270, Lyons, IL
1964Karen SolomonLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1965Elaine KvartichLodge 6, Sygan, PA
1966Nancy SkibaLodge 615, Los Angeles, CA
1967Linda SerroLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1968Barbara TurkovichLodge 137, Cleveland, OH
1969Jane GregorinLodge 14, Waukegan, IL
1970Patricia HlebakLodge 604, Cleveland, OH
1971Carol BokalLodge 142, Cleveland, OH
1972Denise LammLodge 566, Euclid, OH
1973Linda RoginskiLodge 33, Ambridge, PA
1974Michelle VolkLodge 117, Yukon, PA
1975Judy PintarLodge 6, Sygan, PA
1976Joyce BraddockLodge 158, Euclid, OH
1977Cheri GottkeLodge 26, Cleveland, OH
1978Kathy HladLodge 576, Cleveland, OH
1979Carol MorvetzLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1980Valerie StodolskyLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1981Justina DabrowskiLodge 449, Cicero, IL
1982Tracey AndersonLodge 677, Detroit, MI
1983Karen KovachLodge 142, Cleveland, OH
1984Toni TrontelLodge 262, Sharon, PA
1985Jackie MorvetzLodge 87, Herminie, PA
1986Kathy RoginskiLodge 33, Ambridge, PA
1987Mary Ann RacicLodge 723, Fontana, CA
1988Gretchen BudayLodge 153, Youngstown, OH
1989Teresa MlakarLodge 723, Fontana, CA
1990Lisa VidergarLodge 723, Fontana, CA
1991Melissa LawrenceLodge 138, Strabane, PA
1992Anna Marie KlepecLodge 643, Girard, OH
1993Stacey ApanaitesLodge 158, Euclid, OH
1994Deirdre KocjanLodge 643, Girard, OH
1995Jennifer SkrajnerLodge 142, Cleveland, OH
1996Allison EngelLodge 138, Strabane, PA
1997Elizabeth BuchnerLodge 576, Cleveland, OH
(1) 1999Kelli BlairLodge 784, South Charleston, WV
2000Christine WojtilaLodge 158, Euclid, OH
2001Kandace KocjanLodge 643, Girard, OH
2002Carissa PabianLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2003Amanda FordyceLodge 5, Cleveland, OH
2004Courtney PabianLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2005Caralynn FejkaLodge 153, Youngstown, OH
2006Shannon FetckoLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2007Darcy BrandLodge 6, Sygan, PA
2008Kristy ZivkovichLodge 158, Euclid, OH
2009Brittney ZemkoLodge 643, Girard, OH
2010Kara MaruszakLodge 53, Cleveland, OH
2011Selina ProgarLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2012Danielle BrandLodge 6, Sygan, PA
2013Kristen CushmanLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2014Ashley RussLodge 158, Euclid, OH
2015Nicole VeharLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2016Julie RockwellLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2017Elizabeth HartmanLodge 138, Strabane, PA
2018Lauren SebuschLodge 576, Cleveland, OH
2019Elizabeth SmrdelLodge 158, Euclid, OH
2020Daniella VolpeLodge 158, Euclid, OH
(2) 2023Madison SinanLodge 782, Glenshaw, PA
2024Morgan SinanLodge 782, Glenshaw, PA

(1) No Miss SNPJ title was awarded for 1998. The Miss SNPJ Pageant was moved from National SNPJ Days weekend to Slovenefest weekend in 1998, and the winner of the Miss SNPJ title during the 1998 pageant is recognized as Miss SNPJ 1999.

(2) Miss SNPJ Pageants were not held in 2020 or 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.